Operation Centre at Mukran Port in Sassnitz

Base port for the offshore wind industry

Mukran Port in Sassnitz, established in the 1980s as a commercial port in the former GDR, is now the easternmost deep-water port in Germany. Due to its specialization in work for the offshore wind industry and with its two multifunctional terminals, it is well suited as a landing and transfer location for large installation and transport ships. That is why Mukran Port supports operational buildings of several offshore wind farms and serves as a base port for the planning and construction of Baltic Eagle.

Design and planning office at Mukran Port in Sassnitz

During the construction phase of Baltic Eagle, several ships daily depart from Mukran Port to monitor individual steps and safety on the Baltic Eagle construction site. Iberdrola’s Temporary Construction Office (TCO) at the port plays a fundamental role here with up to 80 people working in shifts. The experienced specialists monitor and operate the construction site. Marine observation is also carried out from the site at Mukran Port in Sassnitz. Experienced specialists ensure the safety of shipping traffic around the Baltic Eagle construction site in the German Baltic Sea.

Operation and maintenance office at Mukran Port in Sassnitz

After the end of the construction phase and the successful commissioning of the wind turbines at the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm, operations will be handed over from the planning and construction team to Iberdrola’s Operation and Maintenance team (O&M Office). Here, the regular operation of the wind farm and its wind turbines will be monitored and maintenance activities will be coordinated.


Day of renewable energies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

September 4, 2021, 9:30 am until 3 pm, Sassnitz-Mukran

On the occasion of the Renewable Energy Day, Iberdrola offers guided tours at Mukran Port in Sassnitz. Participants can expect information on this special operating port section as well as on Iberdrola’s current Baltic Eagle project.

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Iberdrola Fährhafen Sassnitz

Making the energy transition a German success – and strengthening local value creation

Iberdrola is creating high-quality jobs to drive forward the future energy transition project off the island of Rügen. During the construction phase of the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm, more than 80 highly qualified specialists will be working in the planning and construction team alone, as well as an additional 600 to 800 people in the manufacturing and on the construction site in the waters off the north-east coast of Rügen. Iberdrola wants to sustainably strengthen regional and local value creation and therefore relies on regional educational institutions and supplyers like EEW SPC from Rostock. Due to the nautical specialization, numerous specialists and junior staff are employed from the training courses of surrounding universities from Wismar or Greifswald. For the long-term operation of the wind turbines and the regular inspections and maintenance, additional long-term jobs will be created in Iberdrola’s operations and maintenance office at Mukran Port.

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