Offshore Wind Park Baltic Eagle

We supply Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with green electricity and shape the German energy transition.

A fresh wind from the Baltic Sea

Following the commissioning of the Wikinger offshore wind farm (350 megawatts) at the end of 2017, Baltic Eagle represents the second largest offshore initiative promoted by Iberdrola Renovables in Germany. The wind farm holds a total capacity of 476 megawatts and is located offshore over an area of 40 km2, north of the island of Rügen. When commissioned in the end of 2024, the wind farm will provide sustainable energy for 475,000 households, thus saving almost one million tonnes of CO2. Through Baltic Eagle, Iberdrola is also trimming down the cost of offshore wind power through the efficient V174-9.5 megawatts platform, which represents the industry’s largest commercially proven rotor size for the most powerful output at the time of the auction. In this way, Baltic Eagle is helping to further reduce the cost of renewable wind energy in Germany. Once commissioned, Iberdrola’s Baltic Hub (Wikinger wind farm and Baltic Eagle) in the German Baltic Sea will have a total capacity of 826 megawatts, making it one of the largest offshore wind clusters in the Baltic Sea.

Iberdrola awarded with offshore tender

Iberdrola was awarded with the second offshore tender by the German Federal Network Agency for the construction of the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm with a total capacity of 476 MW.

Contract signed with 50Hertz

Cooperation with transmission system operator 50Hertz on the grid connection of Baltic Eagle and fabrication start of the offshore substation (OSS) in Belgian shipyards.

Manufacturing of the wind turbine foundations

Windar manufactures transition pieces that will connect the turbine towers to the wind turbine foundations. Furthermore, the Germany based company EEW SPC manufactures 50 monopiles in its mega factory in Rostock that serve as foundations for the turbine towers.

Start of the installation phase

The Dutch company Van Oord installs the foundations and the inner-park inter-array cables for Baltic Eagle. The OSS is installed and commissioned.

End of the construction phase

The wind turbines are installed. The construction phase for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm ends and the wind turbines are being commissioned.

Expansion of total capacity

Iberdrola plans to expand its total capacity in Germany up to more than 1.1 GW.


Details about the Project Baltic Eagle

Project Background

The Baltic Eagle wind farm, which is currently under construction, is the second utility-scale offshore initiative promoted by the Iberdrola group in Germany. The renewable electricity generated there after commissioning at the end of 2024 will make it possible to avoid around 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

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Iberdrola in Deutschland

Location of the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm

The Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm will be built directly next to Iberdrola’s first wind farm “Wikinger” in Germany, 28 km northeast off the island of Rügen. The energy produced by this project in the German Baltic Sea will be transmitted to the Lubmin grid connection point.

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Technical background of the energy supply

The wind turbines will deliver electricity via the inter-array cables to the park’s own offshore substation. There, the energy is clustered and transformed from 66 kV to a maximum voltage of 220 kV. By means of two high voltage subsea cables, the sustainable electricity is transmitted by transmission operator 50Hertz across the 90 km distance to the landing point.

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Iberdrola Hintergründe

Iberdrola’s milestones towards a reliable and sustainable power supply

Baltic Eagle represents the second major offshore wind initiative driven by Iberdrola in the Baltic Sea off the German island of Rügen and will be fully connected to the grid by the end of 2024. This will enable Iberdrola to supply around 475,000 households with renewable energy and play a key role in Germany’s energy transition.

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